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Hello Spring… April 26, 2017

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Spring is my second favorite time of year. Sometimes it passes by too quickly though! For this card, I am using Hero Arts Color Layering Birds and Blossoms.

I picked up this cute little set of dies and stamps at our Stamp & Scrapbook Expo in Anaheim, CA. If you have never been to an SSBExpo you have got to go!  If you love to shop and crop this is the place to be! My friend and I are now impatient for the next expo in Califonia which comes in October. That will be in Ontario and since we normally attend 2 Expos each year here in California we look forward to each one!

Find an expo in your area by checking out their site here.

20170426_1 Hero Arts Bird Layering1

This set that I picked up came with the cutting dies and a set of 4 Hero Arts stamp cubes. It was a nice little bundle! Thanks, Bee Creative for stocking these and selling them at the SSBExpo! I gave this little card to a co-worker today in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day.

I gave this little card to a co-worker today in celebration of Administrative Professionals Day. She loves birds and I thought it would be a hit!

I am entering this in the April “Anything Goes” challenge at A Blog Named Hero with Hero Arts.

What do you think?


If only wildlife could read. February 11, 2013

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Hawk on the line

Hawk on the line

While taking out the trash, I heard this guy before I spotted him. I searched the trees outside my driveway, but didn’t see him right away.  He was calling to another one in the neighborhood. The other one responded from a bit of distance away. Maybe they were communicating with each other. I didn’t notice until about the third shot (of my camera shutter…just to be clear) that he was eating something and it must have been pinned underneath his talons. I am just glad I didn’t see what it was he was devouring!

There is something very special to me about hawks. They seem spiritual and remind me of those who have moved on, reminding me that they are always with me.  This is similar to how I feel when I see a butterfly. They too, remind me how fragile this life is yet it keeps recycling the “circle of life.”

Speaking of butterflies, here is a picture of the “generations” of future monarch butterflies.

Future Monarch Butterflies

Future Monarch Butterflies


Waiting for a Monarch January 25, 2013

Patiently waiting...

Patiently waiting…


Almost ready for it magnificent escape, and barely hanging by a thread; this is day 58 in the life cycle from egg, to caterpillar to chrysalis. Normally this takes about 9-14 days from the time the caterpillar changes into a chrysalis then to an emerging butterfly. This little guy has been hanging around for what I believed was way to long. I guessed it must have died in its small green shell. This was my first monarch butterfly chrysalis so I was very invested in watching this take place. I even adopted this caterpillar from an asclepias plant that grows by my office complex.

Our gardeners were cutting back the plant every week and I figured I should take it home. I wanted to make sure it was able to finish its life cycle without the threat of clippers cutting short is life! Some pun intended.  So I carefully put it in a cup and drove it home to a safer place. I had three asclepias (Butterfly Weed) plants that I could transfer it to.

Once he started to make his “J” shape on the underside of the leaf I was practically giddy. I went so far as to tell my coworkers the next day that I was going to be a Grandma…to a butterfly.  So maybe I should ask them if anyone will be planning a butterfly shower soon!

If this little guy makes it out of his shell soon I just hope the next four days of rain that is forecast will not hinder his  journey.

Where do butterflies hide from the rain?