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I am always with you March 22, 2012

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I am amazed at the ways in that God chooses to interact with me. Tonight while leaving the coffee shop I glanced up to see two very bright  planets in the sky. About a week prior I  learned that these planets were Venus and Jupiter.

The early night sky was just beginning to turn from pre-dusk to a completely darkened night sky.  I knew that if I could just make it to the Rancho El Nido trail head quick enough that I could probably get a decent shot with my new camera.

Granted I have recently learned that I really need to find a tripod for my camera because I just can’t keep it still enough for my night shots..  I really wanted to capture was the way the last bit of light gave a great silhouette to the mountain range to the west.  The last bit of light of the day was visible but was quickly being taken overs by the expanding night sky. If I was able to catch my two favorite stars in the picture too, that would just be icing on the cake!

After snapping a few pictures . I quickly jumped back in my car, reviewed what i shot and then started back home.

As I pulled away I glanced back into my review mirror and thought I saw someone in my backseat and I startled myself. Within the next few seconds I immediately felt a peace wash over me & that there isn’t any reason that I should be afraid because God reminded me that he is always with me.He always gives me an opportunity to recognize that HE is with me. HE is there with me always. When I am scared, when I am happy , when I am sad and feel as though things might not get better. He is ALWAYS with me.That is so comforting to me.

I have so much to learn about photography, but even more that, I am learning about the creator of the universe in the process of exploring HIS world. I am so glad that he speaks to me through the passions that I love so much. Whether it be crafting, photography or friends and family, I am really enjoying the process; and I think HE knows it.


4 Responses to “I am always with you”

  1. Kathleen Says:

    Beautiful thoughts, Holly. Keep ’em coming.

  2. Christine H. Says:


    I love this story. Thanks for sharing it. Wow…

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